Fringe Review: It Might Be OK

Photo by Scott Beseler Photo by Scott Beseler “Here we are now, entertain us…”

This line from the iconic Nirvana song leads into the overarching tone of “It Might Be OK” from Gobi Theatre. Generation Y has inherited the life set forth by 7 generations. They are carrying forward that which they were born into. They are now here and are trying to understand the conflicts built into life and the troubles and joys that come with it.

Julianna Bloodgood has done a magnificent job as facilitator/director leading a wonderful group of CCM students into a movement/dance centered production that digs into the depths of humanity from the perspective of 20-somethings. The tone of the piece is not one of anger, more of acceptance. They seek to understand what has come before. The seek to feel what it must have felt like “the day the music died.” They also are setting down their own markers. They are no longer children, they are adults and seek to take up the mantle of adulthood. They are filled with positive energy, but at the same time humility.

The entire cast is solid and really worked as a unit. There is no star, there is a team of actors and it shows. The props and style say a lot on many levels, but are subtle. It is fun, solemn, angry, joyous and was a total pleasure to watch.

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