Prohibition Resistance Tour

The Prohibition Resistance Tour associated with Bockfest was postponed due to weather. Min Usha and I finally went on Saturday. It was entirely run by volunteers and pretty well organized overall.

The John Hauck House Museum was pretty interesting. There was victorian mourning hair art on the walls which is always fascinating and a little creepy.

I was a little disappointed because we only went into 2 buildings and the tunnels in the Guildhaus were basically the same as the Mockbee. I also thought there would be more stories about bootlegging and how Cincinnatians tried to resist Prohibtion.

Overall, it was pretty interesting and worth the price of admission. The tour went a little long on time, 3.5 hours instead of the 2.5 originally scheduled.

Know 10th Anniversary Gala

Saturday night’s 10th Anniversary Gala was fun night out and a chance to meet some interesting people… Joyce Elkus is the Director of AFTA, a new non-profit organization that provides free/discounted tickets to active Military personnel and their immediate families. Michael Flor, the music director for Bare, was there along with my new best friends Mike & Linda Bowen.