Black Friday

5:30PM – Gateway Quarter for Holidays in the Bag.  Finally found something to fill that shotgun wall at Joseph Williams. (20% off sale price!)

6:30 – Arrive at Ft. Square to see Nick Lachey, Mayor Mallory, the Cincinnati Choir and tree lighting.

7:15 –  KoSho for sushi dinner.  mmmmm.

8:30 – Final Friday.  Special holiday window contest and snowflake making at Enjoy the Arts.

9:15 – Grammer’s.  Not too busy but definitely more people toward the end of the night.

Things I learned last night at the CEAs

  • A mere $3 million dollars can save the Emery Theatre (providing electricity, plumbing & heat)
  • Standing around for 7+ hours in an unheated theatre is not a good strategy for fighting off a cold
  • Mr Rhythmman might look for a more appropriate time/place to share his views about not saving the Emery
  • Ralph Stanley is hardcore (He’s 81 and still performing even though he was in the hospital earlier this week!)
  • Taste of Belgium waffles are even more delicious when you’re chilly
  • Local musicians like Modelo
  • I kindof like Eclipse & The Seedy Seeds

It’s Just Crepes

It’s Just Crepes could also be named It’s Just Cheese b/c the one I had yesterday was 90% cheese and about 5% crepe. Located on Court Street next to Avril’s, it was toasty warm inside during the lunch rush. Not much available seating but most people got theirs to go in the traditional French street cart fashion. I can’t wait to go back for one of their dessert versions.

CAC Historical Horror Series

Monday’s installment of the Historical Horror film series was very intimate. Held in the basement performance area, the screen dwarfs the seating arrangement giving most a premium view in spite of the flat floor. Not many people attended, 20-25 at most.

The films were interesting, especially the first Haxan. It makes me wish I hadn’t missed the first night of the series but ensures that I will make greater effort to see the next.

Love it!

Next week is the kind of week I either love or hate, depending on energy level. Right now, I’m loving all the fun things on the agenda, CAC’s Historical Horror Film Series, Secret Artworks Exhibit, Cincinnati Art Museum’s showing of In the Mood for Love, birthdays,  Enjoy the Arts Brunch & Tour of Taft Museum.  There’s a little white space on the calendar on Wednesday…