It’s OK to call him Hollywood…

if he makes you feel like a star. Donny, the owner of Casablanca in Northside, will help you find a dress for any occasion and maybe a few things you didn’t know you needed.

Rummaging through the racks is like going through your grandmother’s attic. Well, if granny was more organized. Going with Min Usha & SN made the trip 100 times more fun than going alone.

It takes something special

to get me out of my normal Saturday routine. This Saturday’s tribute to Patricia Corbett qualified. Several of the many organizations that Mrs. Corbett loved, came together for this free concert. Music Hall’s orchestra and first balcony were almost full. It was lovely. Mrs. Corbett’s grandson spoke and challenged everyone in the audience to continue supporting the arts via event attendance.

Let’s Go Cyclones!

Friday was fan appreciation night at US Bank Arena for the Cincinnati Cyclones last home game of the regular season. A record 9,000 people in attendance.

Things I learned at the game:

People are nice: the woman in front of us in line gave us her extra buy-one-get-one coupon.

People like to bring their kids: Cyclones games may be one of the last few sporting events that you can really afford to buy tickets for your entire family.

Pee wee hockey is cute: actually, it might just be the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen.

Hockey is not like real life: in real life when you have a confrontation at work, Korn doesn’t immediately start to play. But it should.

The LK at CAC

The show on Saturday night was intimate. No more than 100 people in the basement of the CAC.  The artwork projected behind the group really made the evening.  Kristopher Strom’s whiteboard drawings were my favorite.  The show lasted a little more than an hour and all but 2 members of the audience were lounging on the floor by the end.  An interesting start to a fun evening out.  Definitely worth the price of admission ($10).  I hope CAC does more of this in the future.

Funny Games & Serious Stuff…

Can’t wait to see Funny Games at Esquire. It seems odd that a remake would be almost exactly the same as the original made just a few years ago (1997). Then why are you bothering to remake it? I’ve ordered the old version on netflix to make my own comparison. The synopsis has me a little freaked out, so I’m hoping to attend during the day with other people to mitigate any lasting psychological issues.

This weekend, be sure to get out to a Tap Project participating restaurant. They’ll charge you $1 for tap water and it will be donated to UNICEF for their clean water fund. Andy’s Mediterranean Grille is actually matching all contributions they collect, 1 for 1. For every $1 collected, a child will have clean water for 40 days. Come on – you were gonna go out to eat anyway.