Heartless Bastards Show – Final Friday – Main Street

Hot off their 2007 tour, the Heartless Bastards come home and play a free show in Over-the-Rhine:

Heartless Bastards will be performing outside Lightborne’s production facility in Over the Rhine. Lightborne are the people who created our video for “All This Time”. We go on at 7:30 PM. Surrounding galleries and bars will be open as part of the Over the Rhine Final Friday Block Party.

Location: 212 East 14th St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Cost : free

Cincy Fringe Pulls a Profit

Big News for the Cincinnati Fringe Festival:

  • 6,500 attendees
  • Income exceeded the budget by $3,000!
  • Annouced that CincyFringe 5 would start on May 28th, 2008
  • Announced that Eric Vosmeier will be joining the Know Theatre as assistant artistic director, and will run Fringe starting on July 1st.

2007 was a very good year for Fringe.  With new businesses going in the OTR area, 2008 has the opportunity to grow what was a really strong audience this year.

John from Cincinnati

John from Cincinnati premiered last night after the Sopranos. I loved Deadwood and Point Break so how could this show be bad?

It's not… yet. First episodes are hard, so much to do in so little time… character introductions, relationships to set up.

Surf movies are different from westerns b/c there's not the easy set-up of good guy/bad guy. There aren't as many surf movies as there are westerns, so the background of familiar scenarios is missing as well.

Either way, having a show named John from Cincinnati might give people in other parts of the country something to reference besides the WKRP theme song.

David Milch, don't let me down.

Jersey Boys

How far would you travel to see 6 Fringe shows? Rich Bencivengo and Jon Weddell journeyed all the way from North Jersey to see the Cincinnati Fringe festival for themselves.

I don’t believe in fate, but it was strange that while making travel plans 10 months ago, Rich and Jon got into a conversation about where to see theatre while they are traveling in the Midwest.

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Top of the Fringe

The constant discussion point people had with me this week was what shows I liked the most at this year’s Fringe. Well, to formalize my picks, I’ve come up with a list of the best in a couple of categories, from my own perspective.

Best of Fringe: Here are the productions I felt were the the Top tier shows, in order.

1. The Kid in the Dark
2. iLove
3. True + False
4. Calculus: The Musical!
5. girlfight
6. Mad

Most Fringe: Here I chose the shows that broke the most ground during Fringe:
1. lusthaus (1914)
2. Tommy Nugent’s the Show

This year was by far had the best quality of any Cincy Fringe to date. I think one of the best moves of the festival was to create the Artistic Selection Committee.