Midpoint Venues Updated

The Midpoint Music Festival has updated their listing of venues for the Music Showcase. There are 17 locations with 19 stages listed so far. This year things are more spread out with the Poisson Room back on the docet and with first time venue Buddakhan located at 713 Vine Street.

Stream of Consciousness…

Tomorrow night you could be an extra in a movie being filmed at Jungle Jim's. According to an email I received this morning, "Prior to the Thursday night filming a wine and cheese tasting will be held to benefit the nonprofit Foundation of Joy, an adoption and pregnancy wellness organization. The event will be held from 7-9pm. Anyone interested in purchasing a ticket shoud email castingredlovefilms@gmail.com.

And – I couldn't be more excited to see the Simpsons Movie.


Finally – if you thought your job was random… this guy works just down the street in Erlanger and anyone can tell him what to do.


Nixon in Cincinnati

I'm always impressed by the power required for opera singers to project their voices out over the orchestra without microphones and music hall is always a great experience. Saturday's audience for Nixon in China was a nice mix of the usual opera crowd and some < 40's.


Slice of life is an interesting style for an opera. Most operas involve big dramatic events, murder, kidnapping, weddings, etc. This one kind of moved along and then was over. My favorite part was the pig song in the second act.

Or Am I Not Paranoid Enough?

I've decided to go back for my MBA since work will reimburse me for a couple classes each year.

Note to self: Even though the summer catalogue of classes says the class is Tuesday & Thursday, always double check. Lesson learned last night when I arrived for class 24 hours late.

Hip HB’s Rule 14th Street

I have a big music-crush on the Heartless Bastards. I’m making up the term music-crush, so I’ll define it as the kind of infatuation of the live music of a band. I connect to the music when I hear it live more than other bands I really enjoy. I’ve had a lot of experience with crushes, so as far as one sided emotional attachments go, I am safe to say I won’t get burned on this one. When I first read about last Friday’s show, I was excited. The location was inspired and the timing fit this day well.

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