Get Cloned…

I’m guessing "Get Cloned" was the alternative not chosen when picking this season’s tagline, "Get Cyc’d" for the Cincinnati Cyclones.

The home opener was lost to Dayton but I did select a player to root for as the season progresses… Olivier Latendresse, #42, for the following reasons:

  • He was pretty good last season
  • Who knows where to put the accent when pronouncing Latendresse?
  • He’s relatively short for a hockey player
  • The Big Vasily

    Last night’s Russian Rhapsody concert at Music Hall was not well attended. The solo pianist, Jon Kimura Parker was undaunted by the lack of audience and gave a great performance, even coming back for an encore, addressing the audience from the stage as if it were an intimate setting.

    The afterparty at Lavomatic was fun. The food was fantastic, of course and it was a perfectly crisp fall night. We occupied the upper floor and patio and projected The Big Lebowski on the wall of the condos next door.

    Congratulations to Enjoy the Arts for another unique 20/20 event!

    Red Bull Soapbox Derby

    Today, Mt. Adams — Red Bull Soapbox Derby — If, when you heard about the event, you wondered where they would put the course, you’re not alone. The event was fun but there wasn’t enough viewing area on the sides of the track.

    Several large screens were set up to show the interviews and dancing happening at the starting line but lots of people were frustrated by the lack of view and length of time between each car.

    This photo was taken from the Ida Street bridge which was directly over the course.  I’m told the event will be shown on ESPN tonight, off to set the DVR…

    Space Happens

    Last night Andy’s Mediterranean Grille was as busy as I’ve ever seen it for the opening of their newly remodeled patio. The area has been enclosed for all-season use and adds a significant amount of seating to the restaurant. The new room has a charmingly rustic appearance that works with the existing structure.

    Now is a good time to visit as they are offering specials every weeknight, 1/2 price Mondays, $50 for 2 on Tuesdays, etc.