With Deference to Shylock

I can’t understand what the Hell you are saying. Are you trying to kill me or just imprison me? I get that you have an agenda, but there is just one action you want, with no plan for what comes next. There is fire in your eyes, aggression in your voice, and your hands move like they want to strangle everyone who disagrees with you.

What makes you special?

Yes, you are different. Yes, people hate you. People hate me too.

Oh, sorry, every word from my mouth spews an inconvenience. I am not sorry that offends you. I don’t pray to the gods you demand, so I am not permitted to exist other than as a servant. I should just obey. Take my punishment for crimes I didn’t commit. Existence to you is a crime.

My kind is the cause of every woe you care to assign to us. We caused the past. We threaten your present and your future. We are human beings just like you.

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