Quoth the ChatGPT: Nevermore, Dude.

Based on the following instructions to ChatGPT, I was provided a poem.

Instructions: Create a poem in the style of Edgar Allen Poe about the Cuban Missile Crisis

Here is the poem:

Cuban Missile Crisis Poem

By ChatGPT

Amidst the fear and dread of war,
A crisis loomed upon our shore.
The missiles of the Soviet foe,
Had Cuba firmly in their hold.

As tensions rose and nerves wore thin,
The fate of nations hung therein.
The world held its collective breath,
Awaiting news of life or death.

In darkened rooms, with heads bowed low,
Leaders weighed their every blow.
For one false move, one careless word,
Could mean the end of all we've heard.

In cities far and wide, we prayed,
For peace to come, for fear to fade.
But in our hearts, we knew too well,
That peace and safety could not dwell.

For in this time of great unrest,
Our very lives were put to test.
And though we hoped for brighter days,
Our world was trapped in warlike haze.

Oh, Cuban Crisis, dark and grim,
How close we came to the world's end.
May history serve as warning still,
To choose our words, to temper will.

It is not a good poem. It is does what I asked it to do. It is like a framed velvet dogs playing poker hanging in the basement of a really boring suburban home. I could see a really advanced AI cranking out a bland formulaic sitcom script. No one would watch it unless that is all that is in TV. Like when all Communist Russian TV had was literal propaganda on TV, so the ignorant masses watched. They had nothing else to do, but stare at the wall, screw, or die. Communism is the great hope for AI creativity.