CincyFringe Review: Rodney Rumple’s Random Reality

The Performance Gallery is the standard for the Cincinnati Fringe Festival. They have been here every year and they make the standard for Fringe because every year they do a completely unique show.  This year's Rodney Rumple's Random Reality takes the group in vastly new direction.

If you take a hunk of Where the Wild Things Are, add in plenty of Alice in Wonderland, and top it off with a hilarioius Men Without Hat's video homage, and you get an idea of the fantasy created.

It feels like a children's story written for adults.  Adults who watched MTV in the middle 19880's will cackle with glee at the Safety Dance video.

Seriously, if you haven't seen the video before, watch this before going to see the show:

I throughly enjoyed this light narrative.  The acting is, as usual with Performance Gallery, excellent. Derek Snow steals the show as the Bully.  The writing is interesting.  The direction, by Regina Pugh, I believe makes this show.  It is a surreal spectecal.  It is out in weeds, but it never falls off the edge.  It teeters, mind you, but never goes over the cliff of sense.  Go see it.