“Oh hell no, I GOT to see Peyton Manning!”

This was shouted by a gentleman chasing three luxury motor coaches complete with police escort as they arrived in front of the Westin hotel last night just before 7.

Sometimes I forget that celebrities come to Cincinnati all the time. Now if we could just get that MLS team going…

Jet Lag

I used to think jet lag was a myth. Especially for domestic travel. It’s just a 3 hour difference… cowboy up! This weekend’s trip west appears to have had no effect. Unless you count the fact that I’ve been at least one hour early or late to every appointment since then.

Fifth & Vine Has Its Own Brew

I really like Christian Moerlein’s OTR Ale, but last night I tipped a couple of their new Fifth & Vine Oktoberfest Marzen and I may have a new favorite. I don’t know how different this was from Moerlein’s prior Oktoberfest Marzen, but I would love to have this all year round. I look forward to repeated sampling this beer, and will stock in my fridge if I see it in stores.

Get your taste of it today and tomorrow at the Moerlein OTR Ale Haus at Findlay Market Square. The Ale Haus is open until 9PM on Saturday and 5PM on Sunday.

2 Shows in 2 days… & a movie

Friday night at Know Theatre was crowded. I'd say pretty close to sell out. Thrill Me is a great show if you like true crime stories and/or musicals. Only 2 characters and no intermission – the actors and piano player deserve a lot of credit for their performances since they could have easily claimed heat exhaustion by the end.


Greater Tuna at CSC on Saturday afternoon was sparsely attended but the actors (again – only 2) put on a great show for the 15 of us who watched. It reminded me of when side stage seating allowed the performers to look right at you. I hadn't been since the lobby and restrooms were remodeled – big improvement!


Once at the Esquire is a relatively short movie that seems long at times. It uses songs to establish characters/relationships and occasionally slips into a music video instead of moving the plot forward. Great story line shot in a semi-documentary style makes up for the slow spots. There were a couple points where I realized how action movies have influenced my expectations. At one point she walks down a dark hall and I expect her to be jumped by muggers but instead she finds a piano.

The Fruit of my Labor

I am lucky enough to have a small courtyard behind my house. It has maybe 100 square feet of dirt, usually covered by weeds.

This year, a kind soul took pity on this patch of soil and planted, amongst other things, a strawberry vine. Since late May, I've watered the vine every day it hasn't rained. Birds and/or the neighborhood stray picked off the first of the season harvest, but last week, one strawberry survived to maturity. I almost felt guilty eating it.