What Are We Doing Here?

What’s my point? What is this site supposed to be? What are you trying to do?

Answer: a little bit of a lot of things.

Value: a little bit.

Relevance: not much, but it beats doing nothing.

The goal here is to do some writing and publish it and maybe a few people will read it. Maybe no one will read it. Getting readers isn’t the goal. Writing is the goal.

Simplistic, I agree, but something I want to do, so it gives me a frame to focus my mind. Having a little focal point or maybe several focal points, gives one a point or purpose or value or relevance. So I guess I am just trying to exist and leave a mark. Still working on it, so be patient.

How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

Every year, my office generously gives us the week between Christmas & New Year’s off. This year included a couple bonus days like today. In anticipation of these fantastic stretches of non-work time I create a list of things to do. Last year, I watched a movie every day of the break. This year’s list was more productive:

  • pack up all of this year’s bills/receipts
  • get tax paperwork ready
  • have & significantly recover from the Asian eyelid surgery
  • walk around the city (to the gym, from the gym, etc.) facilitated by the recent unseasonably warm weather
  • prowl the downtown area for post-Christmas deals
  • watch movies (Quantum of Solace, Little Children, Man on Wire, The Big Sleep, Black Snake Moan, etc.)

This is in addition of course, to the holiday madness of present wrapping, cooking, cleaning, baking, parties, family, etc. Hmm, seeing it all written out like this makes it seem less than impressive.  Oh well, there’s always next year.  

This might not be news…

This might not be news but I just saw Jesse Jackson sitting in the lobby of my office building (aka. The Enquirer building). Is there more to this entry? No. That’s why it might not be news.

When I Grow Up…

I want to be Sausage Queen and lead the Bockfest Parade. Please support my bid for the title this Saturday night in the preliminary competition at 10PM, at Milton’s Prospect Hill Tavern.

Jet Lag

I used to think jet lag was a myth. Especially for domestic travel. It’s just a 3 hour difference… cowboy up! This weekend’s trip west appears to have had no effect. Unless you count the fact that I’ve been at least one hour early or late to every appointment since then.

Or Am I Not Paranoid Enough?

I've decided to go back for my MBA since work will reimburse me for a couple classes each year.

Note to self: Even though the summer catalogue of classes says the class is Tuesday & Thursday, always double check. Lesson learned last night when I arrived for class 24 hours late.

John from Cincinnati

John from Cincinnati premiered last night after the Sopranos. I loved Deadwood and Point Break so how could this show be bad?

It's not… yet. First episodes are hard, so much to do in so little time… character introductions, relationships to set up.

Surf movies are different from westerns b/c there's not the easy set-up of good guy/bad guy. There aren't as many surf movies as there are westerns, so the background of familiar scenarios is missing as well.

Either way, having a show named John from Cincinnati might give people in other parts of the country something to reference besides the WKRP theme song.

David Milch, don't let me down.