Top of the Fringe

The constant discussion point people had with me this week was what shows I liked the most at this year’s Fringe. Well, to formalize my picks, I’ve come up with a list of the best in a couple of categories, from my own perspective.

Best of Fringe: Here are the productions I felt were the the Top tier shows, in order.

1. The Kid in the Dark
2. iLove
3. True + False
4. Calculus: The Musical!
5. girlfight
6. Mad

Most Fringe: Here I chose the shows that broke the most ground during Fringe:
1. lusthaus (1914)
2. Tommy Nugent’s the Show

This year was by far had the best quality of any Cincy Fringe to date. I think one of the best moves of the festival was to create the Artistic Selection Committee.

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