Theatre Etiquette

Just b/c a theatre permits you to bring beverages into the seating area, that doesn’t mean the production onstage should take a backseat to your drinking.

If you are going to drink during the show, please use the following guidelines:

  • What goes in, must come out – If you must get up to relive yourself, have the decency to wait until intermission before coming back in.
  • Foresight is important – If you are exceptionally thirsty, bring up two drinks, that way you won’t feel compelled to get up in the middle of the act, clatter down the steps to the bar and return with full drinks. Also, if you & your friend are thirsty, can’t just one of you go to the bar? Did you both have to get up?
  • Control your bottles – Should you find a collection of beer bottles beginning to amass at your feet, try not to kick them over.
  • Maintain equality – Try to drink so that you and your date are at the same level of drunkenness. That way, when she wants to grope you in the dark, we don’t have to listen to your protests.

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