See the Ballet’s New Works

Cincinnati Ballet’s season opener, New Works, is a great introduction to Ballet for the arts fan who wants to explore an art form new to them. Last night’s opening was an extra special event with live music from world class musicians all from Cincinnati. Three of the dance pieces premiered with live accompaniment from the song writers, which included Over the Rhine, Peter Adams, and Jake Speed & the Freddies.

Heather Britt’s piece set to the new music from Peter Adams (Bad Vein-esque) and Joy Jovet’s brilliant interpretation of Jake Speed’s music were my favorites of the evening, along with the stunning mix of music, photography, and dance in “Retrospect” by choreographers Missy Lay Zimmer & Andrew Hubbard set to the haunting and bountiful voice of Karin Bergquist (from Over the Rhine)

The remaining performances will be to recorded music, which is too bad, because the use of live music with the dances added so much to the performances. It was a collaboration that I believe is something that is critical to dance, and art form I will admit I’ve only experienced a few times.

The next performance is 8PM tonight at the Ballet’s Studio (1555 Central Parkway, Cincinnati, OH 45214) and the show runs through next weekend, with final show on Sunday afternoon September 20th.

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