Rumbling Rockabilly

The revamped Downtowner has a good story on local Rockabilly stars Rumble Club. I picked up their latest recently and I am encouraged. They are very traditional sounding rockabilly, but according to the article they like to mix up their sound with a little country or a little punk. Check out their Myspace page for a sample of their sound or hit their website at

Declaration of Principles

We contain multitudes. Cincinnati is a vibrant city with life bubbling over. If you were to stick with the mainstream channels of information, you wouldn’t know how alive Cincinnati is. We are here to change that. We are the Conveyor. We aim to be original, but not obtuse. Our mission is the explore the city and bring our readers experiences and opportunities.

I, Mr. Editor, have started this endeavor to bring the people of Cincinnati closer to their own community. The goal is to open the eyes of the people of Cincinnati and peak their interests. No matter what you like to do, you can fill your mind with it here in the Cincinnati area. In our attempt to meet this goal, here are the principles we will employ:


  1. Have fun – Yes, this is something we are doing for fun. Fun doesn’t mean everything is a joke. Fun means we enjoy what we are writing about. If we get a little irreverent along the way, well, blame the booze. In the case of some of our writers, blame the Nietzsche.
  2. Be honest – Our writers are going to write what is on their minds. They will not go on personal crusades. They will not fear telling the truth. If something sucks, they are going to say it sucks. They will not be jerks about it or will not be writing here.
  3. Be original – Lead. Only follow when the leader is worth being followed. Make waves, don’t just ride them.
  4. Write from your point of view – We are writing opinion. We are not a news organization, so don’t be surprised when we like something or don’t like something.
  5. Be intellectual – We are not fluff. We’re going to use our noggin and make the reader use theirs too. We will try, desperately, to not make it stuffy and certainly will try to not make it boring.
  6. Be factual – We will try to make everything we write as accurate as possible. We will try not to give an opinion that is laced with ulterior motives. If we have a stake in something, we will be up front about it.
  7. Be different, but not just because – Difference is great. Being different just to break away from something popular is about ego, not about learning. We are unique, but we want to relate and communicate with everyone. We can’t do that if we just are going to shy away from other people who are doing great things. If something is popular we want to know why. We may not like it, but we’ll try to let you be judge of that, after we give our take.

Effort is what counts. Results matter, but are not an exclusive method to measure success. If there are times when we don’t meet your expectations, we will listen to what have to say, but we will not act without determining the facts for ourselves. We will not beat ourselves to death if a insignificant point isn’t perfect. Call it rough or raw if you want, we are not going to lose sleep over minor details.

We are a work in progress. The Conveyor will not stand still. It may take a kick in the ass sometimes, but we’ll keep it moving.