One Very Busy Weekend…

The Musical of Musicals

A fun show, even if you’re not a fan of the genre. Joanne Bogart as Abby and Rich Silverstein as Jitter are what make it worth seeing. It’s relatively short, just 90 minutes including intermission.

Striking 12

Also a fun show. There were a few kinks to work out but I saw it early in the run. It was refreshing to see a holiday show about the Little Matchstick Girl which isn’t as easily recognizable as some others. I wanted there to be more movement on the stage but given the set & instrument constraints, understand why there wasn’t.

Real Pirates

The Pirate exhibit at Union Terminal is not a kid oriented as you might think. The first part provides background on the lives and hardships of pirates as well as a historical frame of reference for context. The second part was about the search for and discovery of the pirate ship Whydah, whose artifacts are featured in the first part of the exhibit. If you like to watch the Discovery Channel, then this exhibit is for you.

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