NSC Review: Go see ‘Goat’

The Enquirer has a very positive review of the New Stage Collective's production of Albee's The Goat. I've personally yet to see the play, but I did crash the after party last night and the players and theatre backers are very excited. They are of course very pleased and relieved to have the space opened. A lot of hard work went into transforming the space and it really looks great. The set for the Goat takes over the whole room and the seating feels like you are sitting in the dining room watching the story unfold. I sat in it at their open house, so I'm projecting reality here, but that vibe is just obviously there, especially with the odds and ends chairs lined up for the audience. I for one will be taking Jackie Demaline's advice and seeing the play soon. Get you tickets now, with a review like this they should start to sell some shows out. Check out Thursdays or Sunday's matinées for a better lock on a seat.

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