Letters at Large

As a blogger, I am constantly looking for good ideas for a blog. You know, the really clever ideas like PostSecret or French Laundry at Home or any of a number of blogs I read frequently and go, "Wow, that’s so clever." The whole time I watched Letters at Large at the Art Academy, that’s what I thought: "Wow, this would make a really great blog!"

Unfortunately, it didn’t make a very good show. The concept is this: Jeff Sinclair writes outlandish, funny letters to companies. Less than half respond. Less than half of those play along. Sinclair spends about an hour reading his letters, in PowerPoint form, and their responses. Some of the responses play along with the somewhat absurd letters, some do not, but the set-up is so simple and lacked dyanamism that it comes off as someone sharing their vacation photos: interesting to the person who went on vacation, but not in need of a comprehensive PowerPoint.

Sinclair also mentions some video he has of interviews with people who responded to his letters, and other video that "could be" incorporated into his show. He said they might be incorporated next year– however, if they existed this year, it would have made for a much more engaging presentation.

If you want to read his letters, check out lettersatlarge.com— as I guessed, this show made for a much better blog than it did a live show.

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