How I Spent My Christmas Vacation

Every year, my office generously gives us the week between Christmas & New Year’s off. This year included a couple bonus days like today. In anticipation of these fantastic stretches of non-work time I create a list of things to do. Last year, I watched a movie every day of the break. This year’s list was more productive:

  • pack up all of this year’s bills/receipts
  • get tax paperwork ready
  • have & significantly recover from the Asian eyelid surgery
  • walk around the city (to the gym, from the gym, etc.) facilitated by the recent unseasonably warm weather
  • prowl the downtown area for post-Christmas deals
  • watch movies (Quantum of Solace, Little Children, Man on Wire, The Big Sleep, Black Snake Moan, etc.)

This is in addition of course, to the holiday madness of present wrapping, cooking, cleaning, baking, parties, family, etc. Hmm, seeing it all written out like this makes it seem less than impressive.  Oh well, there’s always next year.  

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