Why I’m Seeing 31 Shows in 11 Days

As a new blogger on The Conveyor, I would like to introduce myself.

My name is Shawn. I’m seeing the entire 2009 Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

I suppose that the logical question would be: why would you make a plan for yourself to see–and blog–31 shows in 11 days? Are you sane?

When it comes down to it, I’m not sure precisely why I’m doing it. I don’t have any particular expertise in blogging or theater. I do enjoy going to plays–I see between 40 and 60 plays on a given year–but I have no real professional experience in theatre. My academic background is English Literature, and now I build websites and do electronic marketing.

So, lack of personal qualifications aside, why do the entire festival?

Maybe it’s because I don’t trust my instincts–that I don’t believe that I can pick out the best shows for myself. 

Maybe it’s for the same reason that other people jump out of planes–it’s a challenge, a statement to be made.

Maybe it’s out of a realization that we only have so many breaths left to us in our lives, and that life is too short to stay home and play it safe. Tomorrow night, I won’t be watching TV, or playing video games, or screwing around online. I’m going to be at live theatre, seeing something that’s going to push my thinking. And afterwards, I’m going to have a beer at the afterparty and talk to someone that I have never seen before about the shows that I saw that night.

And, at some point, I’m going to be blogging about what I see. I’m not going to try to give you great insight or to tell you what to see. I should be clear–I’m not an unbiased source. Some of these shows that I’m going to write about have friends and acquaintenances of mine in them–and you can bet that I won’t be slamming those shows.

Instead, I’m treating this blog as an argument. We should all go out and do more interesting things. As a happy coincidence, for the next two weeks, Fringe is going on.

I will be there. I think you should join me.