Fringey -oke

Great night everyone! Fringey-oke rocks! Thank you very much to the entire cast, playwright and SM from Oatmeal and a Cigarette for hosting the first of many night of Fringey-oke. If you missed it, you’re insane. It was a great time. (Jason Bruffy as Marius was the highlight of the evening). We’re doing it again tomorrow night following the experimental musical stylings of Steven Rosen. He’s going to attempt to put on a cell phone concert starring your cell phone. Everyone will be asked to give their cell phone number (only for use in the performance) so that your individual ringtones can be incorporated into the musical performance onstage. Will it work? Who knows? It’s the Fringe Festival. Even if it doesn’t, it will be interesting. Fringy-oke will follow. Who will host? Who wants to host? (let me know if you’d be interested and we’ll see what we can arrange).

If you’ve not seen, the reviews are going up regularly on We’ve got your City Beat Reviews. We’ve got your Conveyor Blogs. We’ve got it all.

The Mural Project is moving along nicely. The artists and their crew are fantastic. Tonight they grilled out with their friends and families. Danny, you still owe me a piece of chicken, by the by. If you have not seen the progress they’ve made, you’ve got to stop by and check it out. It’s beautiful.

We opened the Film Fringe tonight and had great attendance. The next group screens tomorrow…well, today. The films are diverse as hell offering something for just about everyone. There are two groups each being screened twice, so if you missed tonight’s screening of Group A, make sure to stop by and check out the next. We screen Group B (sexy names, huh?) tomorrow, then again on Thursday. Saturday, June 7 we screen Group A a final time. As Film Fringe Chair Chris Strobel says, if you don’t like what you’re watching, in 6 minutes, you’ll be watching something else (mostly short films are screened).

We have some new guests in town today. Les Kurkendaal arrived and quickly set to trying our his new hangover patch. Results will be in tomorrow. His show opens tomorrow as does Giving Up Later. Don’t forget about inner:city that opened today, either. The schedule has changed since the Fringe Guide was published so check out for the actual times. Some of the Fringe Staff took the tour last week and it was not only informative about the history of Cincinnati and OTR, but it was also an interesting commentary on the perceptions of the area.

Monday is the only night to see Car/Street. This will occur on the street in front of the Know Theatre. The car-eographer has some exciting ideas and it should prove to be one of the more unique pieces in the Festival. Though seemingly, he’ll have to fight Satori Group for the fringiest show….that’s not a show.

More Fringy action tomorrow. If I don’t see you tomorrow, it’s because you’re not in the cool places.


PD Eric