Don’t Sit in the Front Row if You Haven’t Done the Reading

Last night the trek through 31 shows started with A Perfectly Wonderful Evening.

They started the evening with massive sound problems. Reminder: if you are looking for perfect production values from a play, Fringe is probably not the best place to search.

The play centers on Howard Blooms fascination with an apprarently real-life meeting between Groucho Marx and T.S. Eliot. Jim Stump plays Bloom, and those of you who follow Cincinnati theatre will have seen him on stage–he’s marvelous as Bloom, the most famous literary critic of our time. Jim is pretty much channelling him throughout the show.

I probably can’t comment on the play beyond that, since "Bloom" called on me to answer a question during the play. I didn’t have an answer–I hadn’t done the reading. This is a lesson that I know well having been an English major.

So, having been "in" the play in some sense, I’m particularly ill-suited to critique it beyond that.

Go see it for the outstanding characterizations, and stay with the fantasy sequences…. it’s well worth it.