Fringe Review: The Success Show

Writing drives "The Success Show" from Finite Number of Monkeys, and the script by Michael Comstock is force that puts the the You in You-niverse. The setting is a self help seminar and we are served up a satirical spoof worthy to be compared to early SNL or SCTV. The structure of the show puts the audience member inside the seminar right from start where you are greeted and asked to make a name tag. I was "Bob". I wanted to remain anonymous. My Fringe Media Pass had my name on it, but I wanted to keep everyone guessing. George Alexander and Randy Lee Bailey were fantastic as Denny Martin (self declared self-help guru) and his right hand man Arnie Laughlin. They captured the reality of the characters and then brought it over to satirical side without letting go of the actuality of these characters. The audience interaction is funny, fresh and unpredictable. The turns that the story takes come out of nowhere. Everything about this show works. My advice for you if you want to have a successful night is when a man asks you to take a bite of an onion, do it. Then take a second bite. The last performance is at 9:15PM at the Art Academy Friday night June 5th (tonight).

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