Fringe Review: Public Espionage!

Physical comedey is a challenge, but the La Petomane Ensemble pulled of many wonderful segments in their Fringe entry “Public Espionage!”. Gregory Maupin (“the one with the furry hat) was the dead pan Russian spy and pulled off the two best routines of the show. His Mission Impossible style infiltration segment complete with a box of Thin Mints, sandwich, and stuffed bunny. His scary Russian version of the Linus meaning of Christmas speech from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Other highlights include a sexually charged Dutch Ninja, a fashion diva, and a cute opening with most of the cast sitting in the audience, intermixed with the crowd.

The only negative I would point out was that I felt I needed a better set up. I wanted a little more identifiable canvas that would have have made the references crisper and more relevant. I got that this was public class to become a spy, but I want just a little more premise.

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