Fringe Review: iLove

It is ironic, I think, that a guy who is known as blogger is writing about a play about the lack of connection in the modern Internet world. If you think it’s so ironic that the computer screen you are reading this on will burst into flame, logoff and come down to Fringe, ASAP. Anyway….. Love is a mystery. Technology tries to remove the mystery out of everything it touches. ilove shows love both inside and outside the on-line world. This new work shows off some of the great local talent in Cincinnati

The cast works hard, with a streamlined, but complicated staging. A few of the technical effects had some small timing issues, which can be chalked up to opening night.

The most noticeable elements of the performance’s structure, which I will not ruin by mentioning. Watching people react is interesting. Oh, and there are naked people on stage, so don’t get your panties, or lack there of, in a bunch.

On some levels iLove is totally conceptual, but not in the same way a Matt Slaybaugh play does. In stead you have character, you have concept, you have emotion, and you have beautiful motion.

Go see it.

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