Fringe Review: Calculus: The Musical!

Smart people are funny too. When a math teacher and an actor get together the fun ensues, seriously, it does! The smart wit forms a right angle with the warm music, tongue-twisting its way through math formula history.

Marc Gutman has a soft voice, but he knows his calculus. Sadie Bowman has the humor, charm, beauty, and timing to carry forward the motion.

Now, you might ask, do I need to know anything about calculus to enjoy this show? The answer is no, but it helps to have had at least taken one calculus class. If you don’t know who Issac Newton is, you will be a little lost.

The hilarious part of of the show is the setting of one of the driest subjects ever to some of the most popular melodies throughout the last 100+ years. The lyrics set to “Closer to the Heart” were especially good. Now, it is not a brilliant musical production, but it is fun. Fun makes a show worth seeing. The smartness makes up for the journeyman musicality.

I loved the film. The silent era style depiction of the apple falling on Newton’s head is worth expanding on it own.

I don’t think you can have a better set. The show takes place in a large classroom at the Art Academy. There are even folded down arms on the chairs like you remember from college. I was tempted to fold mine up and start taking notes.

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