Fringe Review: April Fools

When Thumping Techno-music plays an omniscient yet emotionally flawed character, what else could you want? Kazoos? You got it. Hats? There are some of those. Boxes? Lots of those. "April Fools" by Four Humors Theatre is a conceptual romp that explores comedy, poetry, music, and takes big chances. The payoff is in the unexpected. There is a loose narrative here that takes a back seat to expression. At times they go for a laugh, at other times the laughs just creep up on them for no apparent reason. This show is a classic Fringe show. It doesn't spoon feed the audience, but it does lead them to the well. If you aren't willing to let go of your preconceptions, then I don't know if you are going to like this show. If you want to jump into an empty box with four guys from Minnesota, play with markers, jam with a sweet techno beat, giggle like a kid, then go talk with the actors (Brant, Jason, Matt, and Nick) after the show about what the Hell just happen on stage, then you have two more chances (Friday and Saturday at the Know Theatre). I really liked this show and really want to get an mp3 of the music tracks. I think a techno "god" is something we all can use. That and a thermos. Long live Poetry Box.

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