Day Two of Midpoint

I wasn’t expecting much with tonight’s line-up. Most of my picks were on Thursday or are on Saturday. I instead ending up seeing several local bands, which wasn’t my plan.

I started with Western Civ. I wasn’t that into them. Maybe it was just me or the odd sound Ink Tank presents as a music venue, because I didn’t stay long.

I made to the newly redone Cue to see for algernon, the ever evolving group. At this point for algernon can best be described as the Newbees Plus 1.

I stayed at the Cue for Cassavettes. The biggest controversy here was how to pronounce the band’s name. The consensus was that it would be like the film director. The band disagreed. After a quick Google search shows the spellings are different. An extra T in the band’s name.

Next was the Black Canary at New Stage. Soft music and the crowd was seated in the Theatre Space and very quiet.

The Newbees were next and they were nice. They gave out free CDs to half the crowd, which was the most packed I have ever seen Courtyard Cafe.

The night ended back again at Cue for Cari Clara.

The Tally so far has me seeing 16 bands. A couple of which I lasted a song.

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