Day One

Vanity Theft started out the night at the Know Theatre’s Underground stage. They’re from Dayton. They are an all girl band. Strike that, make them an all woman band. CityBeat has one of their sound alike bands as Sleater Kinney. I guess being all female adds something to that moniker.

Next was one of my picks Kink Ador, from Nashville. I was impressed by this band, which gave off a clear Blondie vibe with their female lead singer/bassist.

As I stumbled back towards Main street I got my first slice of Pizza of the night. I caught a bit of Mike Fair and the Adventure Seekers and the Andy Shaw Band. I saw some of the The Teenage Prayers, another one of my picks. The crowd was ok, but looked small in venue.

I made my way over to Jardine and to my surprise they had a tent in the courtyard, with the sides. Think of it as a really small circus tent. I wondered inside and found the Industrial Jazz Group big band sound with trippy look and feel, complete with a dancer/cheerleader. I ended the night back at the Know with the Stud Muffins. As the pick of both CinWeekly and CityBeat I was hopping for a little more of a wow.

Ok, now for the tally. After day one I’ve seen 8 bands. My goal is to see over 20 by the end of the weekend, not counting the WPMF.

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