Day 5/Day 7: Travel / Where Drunk Men Go

Travel and Where Drunk Men Go: A Poem with Music have very little in common, except one key thing…each had more audiences where over half the crowd had not yet seen a Fringe show. This makes sense, of course, as dance and poetry have their own following, so they would attract a less "fringe" audience.

Travel is an aerial dance show. I had never seen aerial dance before (other than Circe du Soleil performances on television, which are not totally dissimilar). Fringe is about seeing and doing things that you wouldn’t otherwise. Travel got me out of your comfort zone, and you should see it for the same reason.

Where Drunk Men Go: A Poem with Music is a long-from poem interspersed with bluegrass music. Griff and I were the youngest in attendance, which I think is a rather nice switch from the usual situation at Fringe. The crowd dug it, particularly the music, and the performance really took life when Richard Hague (the poet) went from memory instead of from his notes.

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