Day 4: The Gayer Show

Well, here’s a show that doesn’t need any marketing help. The Gayer Show sold out its first performance… on a Saturday afternoon… on the second floor of a gay club. So, yes, this is probably going to sell out. Get your tickets now, if you want to see it.

You know, these guys deserve their success. They’ve been at Fringe repeatedly over the years, and the show is funny and closely observed. Even though it’s highly personal, you’ll probably find something to relate to. I certainly did (and, yes, I’m straight).

One thing that I would like to see, here, though. When Dan recited a quote from the Apostle Paul, illustrating a time when scriptures were used to belittle him and his sexuality, his performance took on real electricity. However, the duo spends much of the show reading their material. It’s not a devastating flaw, but this show has potential that could be realized by committing the material to memory and dramatizing it

With that said, there is a spirit of good will in the air at this show that you don’t normally get at theater.

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