Day 3: No Stranger than Home

I’ve been using the phrase "review-proof" a bit throughout this festival, and No Strange than Home definitely fits that bill.

The show is made up of 10 closely observed stroies of travel abroad. There’s little to no theatrical artific–in fact, the writer/performer is telling these stories directly from her perspective, in her words, as herself. (This is something that I can say with some certitude, since I met the performer, Katherine Glover, at a festival afterparty early in the festival. This would suggest to wouldbe "real" reviewers–don’t go to the afterparties, unless you really want to have your takes colored by your interactions with the artists.)

The bigger question from a review perspective is: how do you review a show this personal? Aren’t you really reviewing the performer’s personality?

At any rate, the show suffered from the lousy attendance. The room at the Art Academy was sparsely populated with people, and I was the only one laughing at the jokes. You could feel the energy seeping out the room. If you go, sit in front. I know it’s a classroom, but it will be a better experience.

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