Day 2: Cemetery Golf

I started Thursday at Cemetery Golf, the first of the solo shows that I’ve seen.

If Fringe shows in general are difficult to review, solo shows are even harder since they tend to focus very tightly on one person’s experience. I really liked Cemetary Golf–but then my experience is close to the writer/performer, in that we both grew up evangelical in small towns. So, it likely shouldn’t be a surprise that I liked the production more than most of my group.

One thing that we did all agree on is that the performer/writer Jim Loucks nailed the characterizations. The script has plenty of humor in it, but it’s not set up to mock the religious character, even if Loucks doesn’t share their faith (and doesn’t expect you to either).

You’ll see many over-the-top shows at Fringe. This isn’t one of them. You should see it anyway.

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