Commando Midpoint

I don’t know who I am going to see at Midpoint this year. I had planned to spend a few weekends reviewing all of the bands, listening to all of their MySpace pages, but alas no, I didn’t get that done.

Instead I am going to Commando Midpoint and just jump in and see what happens. I will hit the pre-show tonight at Fountain Square to see Seabird tonight at 6PM, with my CityBeat program in hand and will pick out tonight’s shows.

Every year I tell myself to only see out of town bands. Why? Well, simple, I won’t get to see them again, and I can see the bands I know or that are local when ever they play.

This year I don’t feel any big buzz on the out of town bands, other than the headliners which I don’t think I am going to see. I may pick out a few local favorites of mine (like say Pearlene – Eat Sugar – Wussy – Jake Speed and the Freddies) and see them and see who else is at those venues.

If not that, I’ll just ride the Scion Streetcars around all night and holler at the ladies.

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