CincyFringe Review: Tantric Acting at the Holiday Inn

There is a surprise in this production that I want to share with you.  I can't.  I just can't ruin the surprise.  I can tell you to run and see Finite Number of Monkeys production of Tantric Acting at the Holiday Inn.  I can tell you about the Bindis, which you may have seen running around the festival.  They are hilarious, but are but one of the gut busting laughs that will greet you while attending TantraCon2010.

A seminar is the setting of the show which focus on two presenters out to sell you on Trantric Stretching from a Bollywood "Star."  The script from Michael Comstock is brilliantly crafted.  Both George Alexander and Randy Bailey bring the characters into a reality that makes everything feel like it is actually happening, even while you know it's not.  You'd think both men are really into yoga, but they don't look it.

The show puts much into audience participation, which is risky, but pays off if they pick the right people.

The only negative I can point out, for those who saw last year's Finite Number of Monkeys The Success Show, which was wonderful, is the similarity both productions share.  To use a cliche: they went back to same well.  I hope next year's FNM show comes back with something radically different.

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