CincyFringe Review: Peyote Business Lunch

Free Bread sticks, special tea, a lizard, Adam Smith, and big dose of introspection make total sense after you see Artemis Exchange's new production Peyote Business Lunch. The show goes deep inside the mind, and I do mean deep, to pull out that wave-particle choking your soul, causing you to wake up screaming in the middle of the night, but then makes you laugh when you think about it years later.  It takes you on a journey to experience everything that ever was and will ever be, all in about 60 minutes.

This show is a wonderful blend of tongue twisted mental exercises of dialog, rich characters, and brilliant acting.  The cast of George Alexander, Randy Lee Bailey, Chris Dooley and Kate Kersaw are all veterans of Fringe and add hilarious layers to the script.  Speaking of the script, another top notch effort from Christopher Karr and Chris Wesselman along with Paul Lieber.

Jon Frankie (Bailey) really needs a job and 'hopes' to find it at an Olive Garden in a Casino, on a Yacqui Reservation. He is seated by the disgruntled Waitress (Kershaw) and then meets with Marvin Jones (Dooley) assistant to Chief Leon Proudfeather (Alexander), who interviews him for a job.  That's the simple part.  The rest of the story goes places you can't imagine.  Well, you can imagine it, but you have to open a few doors of perception or you may be lost.  This show bring out the brains and feasts on them like zombies.  It makes you laugh, ponder, laugh, laugh, and ponder more while laughing again.  This is one you don't want to miss.

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