CincyFringe Review: Nevermore

Nevermore, a play by Amy Pttinella and presented by Twilight Productions, tackles the formidable topic of the mental state behind great writers and does so with the life of Edgar Allen Poe.  Poe's sad lifestory is summarized during his haunting of a modern day writer's attempted suicide.

Russell McGee takes on the role of Poe headfirst and makes a run at the mysterious literary icon.  He gave a consistent and interesting interpretation of the man, as a smart and troubled person, using wit to shield his sorrow.  The opening depiction of his death was very compelling.  The interaction with Amy Pettinella as the "Woman" a depressed writer had moments of interest, but the two actors lacked compatibility.  Pettinella's characterization of a drunk writer lacked enough emotion and authenticity. I would have expected more clear and recognizable drunken or depressive behavior and found that lacking in her performance.

On opening night the technical cues had serious problems, which hopefully can be remedied once the performers are more comfortable with the crew and the space at Gabriel's Corner.

Additionally I was confused with the structure of a play.  The program indicated that there was a finale consisting of a performance of Poe's Haunted Palace, but it didn't occur.

I am hopeful the production team can regroup on this work and refine the characterizations.

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