CincyFringe Review: Curriculum Vitae

I don't how anyone could imagine finding a way to 'break the 4th wall' better and with a sense of joy within the improvisation no less.  Jimmy Hogg's Curriculum Vitae will have you laughing at each lightning speed phrase that no American as easily phrase.  Originally from Britain, Hogg has the verbal ability to talk fast common to many of his home county.  He uses that speaking tone to catapult you through his resume, literally his resume or "cv" and takes you through his work history and the life around it.  The is both a story and a chronology of his life at work and the people and employment pitfalls that most have experienced.

Hogg appeared in last year's CincyFringe and told of his youthful petty crime.  This show is more theatrical, with bits of mime added for affect and a costume progression that followed will with the structure of the "cv."  If you are lucking to see the one more performance on Monday night, but see it, then you get to experience him 'breaking the 4th wall.'  It has a comedy club feel to it, but when you add it to theatre, it is so unexpected it is so much more fun.  It is naughty and when a British person says it, it just sounds more interesting.

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