CincyFringe Review: A Short Lecture of a Different Time

Theatre is an art form.  Karim Muasher's A Short Lecture a Different Time shows how to craft that art into a touching performance.  The production merges sound, acting, storytelling, and graphics into a powerful digital parable that has a modern moral lesson. If we can learn from the past and change, we can avoid repeating what may have happened long ago.

In the story Muasher creates a universe which is called OLDVERSE, which existed prior to our universe: NEWVERSE.  The story follows two characters living on a planet in the OLDVERSE: Pixel and Dot.  In a binary boy meet girl story, they fall in love, but danger approaches and Pixel must try to save his world and his Dot from the rising heat.  Tragedy befalls Pixel.  He didn't know how to stop the end of his world, but his actions can help us avoid the same fate.

The Historian, Musher's character, has a Kaufmanesque look, but has a clarity and muted furvor in his message.  He knows more than he's saying, but he can't tell us something we can't or won't understand.  He's giving the story to us in a manner he hopes we shall take to heart.  The show wants the audience to learn, but doesn't beat the idea into our brains with a club.  That's our human problem, we don't like really like to be lectured, unless we are willing go to a lecture.  Go to this show, see the bytes and hear the beeps, learn and feel the wonderful story.

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