CincyFringe Review: A Brief History of Petty Crime

Jimmy Hogg's one man show A Brief History of Petty Crime is a fast paced tale of a troubled youth and his best friend trying to fit into society, but shop lifting along the way.  Hogg's Karma is fucked.  He is going to Hell.  Well, not really, but he made mistakes as a kid, more than most people did, and is sharing the struggles he had in finding a way to start and make it in life.

This is a classic One-Person Fringe show, but it stands out with well written humor, a reserved charm, and the honesty Hogg shares with every anecdote.  Of the many of this style of show that have come through the Cincinnati Fringe Festival over the last 7 years, this ranks among best.  It is fresh.  It moves fast, but will slow down when it needs to be slower.  Hogg was able to play to the audience.  His show is flexible in that way and that adds to the experience.  It gives you something different, not set in stone.  He wants to share his story, but wants you to have fun doing it.

At one point he messed up a couple of words and made a quip to acknowledge he messed up and it was funny.  The audience just connected on it and roared with laughter as he riffed on it for a minute or so, giving that particular performance something organic.  A unique performance I would suspect every audience would get each night from Jimmy Hogg.

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