CincyFringe Reivew: White Girl

What are you 'supposed' to be? We all ask that question and we all face the mirror we ask.  When we answer ourselves those answers can sound similar, but that "supposed" part of the question is subjective or rather it is 'supposed' to be. If you are a woman and/or if you are not white, that subjectivity has social and cultural constraints that don't match the reflection you are 'supposed' to see in the mirror.

Maythinee Washington's performance in White Girl is a powerful illustration of the norm not matching the individual.  Through a creatively compiled audio track mixed with non-verbal acting, Washington's conceptual piece displays a focused message with strong visual imagery.

I enjoyed the use of props, emotion, and audio to speak for the actor/writer and bring her character to life and communicate what is going on in her mind.  One particular climatic moment was stunningly composed and was a really impressive conduit that added an organic beauty to the illustration of idealized or artificial beauty.  I also enjoyed the mix of themes: 1)how idealized beauty affects and neglects racial minorities and 2)how the female gender role has been instilled on women from birth and the limitations and constraints those roles contain.

One Suggestion to the audience: sit in the front.  The venue and the production don't mix for much of the performance as the seating is not tiered and much of the action occurs on low on the stage.

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