CincyFringe Previews

The Cincinnati Fringe Festival is a couple weeks away, so it is time to make your schedule.  We're fast at work figuring out how to see every show, and as we go, we are previewing all of the performances.  It is incredibly difficult to pick which shows are going to be good at Fringe, but one of the best indication is knowing about the shows producers, writers, and actors.  As we go along, we'll post a few articles each day until we get through all 29 performances.


For the most current information on the festival you must, as always, keep your eyes on If you keep your eyes on the right sidebar, you get all of the updated information we can muster up on the festival, including our tweets and links.  Once the festival starts, our reviews will come out as fast as we can write them.  I personally hope to review every show, but rest assurred there will be at least one post on each performance.  Some shows may even warrant revisions to our opinions.  As one sees every show, those opinions can change.  Nothing is written into stone, and every performance can be different.  Don't bank on what we say alone.  If you think we are full of shit, but sure to challenge us!


We'll be repeating our The Conveyor Awards of Excellence, and will post those on the final night of the festival. So, rest up, work on your Fringe training, and gather ye rosebuds, because Fringe doesn't wait for the smell to get any worse.  The more ripe, the more fun.

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