CincyFringe Preview: Trust

Title: Trust

Opening: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 at 07:00 PM
Location: Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati
Address: 1127 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Producer: Ensemble Theatre of Cincinnati Acting Intern Company from Cincinnati, OH

CincyFringe Status: Returning Participant

Genre: Theatre

Description: Written by Steven Dietz. A contemporary dramatic comedy set against a backdrop of the rock music scene. In a world ruled by love, lust and lying, a spiral unwinds. Cody is a rising star musician. Becca is his fiancèe. Gretchen is a dressmaker, fitting Becca for her wedding dress. Leah is a rock star past her prime who Cody meets while on the road. Roy is a public radio announcer smitten with the young bohemian, Holly. As the lives and loves of these people continue to intersect, attraction gives way to seduction- secrecy holds sway over truth. Becca and Cody's marriage-to-be grows as rocky as Roy increases his hilariously futile attempts to charm Holly. Gretchen and Leah's past is unearthed, brought on by Gretchen's attraction to Becca. As the final concert of Cody's tour concludes, new bonds have been formed, old wounds remain; friends looking for answers, lovers looking for that elusive word: trust.

The Cast:

Christopher Pitts = cody brown
Leah Strasser = leah barnett
Kim Rogers = gretchen
Christine Fallon = becca
Lauren Shmalo = holly
Stephen Geering = roy

Show Length: 50 minutes

More info at the CincyFringe website Here.

Background: Checkout ETC's website or the Intern Acting Company's Facebook Group.

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