CincyFringe Preview: Sophie’s Dream

Title: Sophie's Dream

Opening: Thursday, June 3, 2010 at 08:00 PM
Location: Duveneck 3
Address: 1220 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Producer: Serenity Fisher from Cincinnati, OH

CincyFringe Status: New Participant

Genre: Musical

Description: Imaginative, ethereal and insightful, Sophie’s Dream is about the profound universal connection between dreaming, waking up, and bringing forth the soul’s deepest desires. Sophie is a creative soul, striving to build a bridge between her rich inner reality and the exterior world, yearning to express her deepest passions. Sophie’s Dream is a love story unfolding. Sophie encounters Gray, a man whose presence is at once disconcerting, comforting, and exhilarating. The cast of six characters includes three Tree Muses and The Woman at the Piano – all playful visitors who remind Sophie who she was, who she is and who she is meant to become. Set in present day/time, this play-with-a-live-soundtrack is chock-full of truth-telling dialogue and lyrics, haunting melody and harmony, shimmering dream-scapes and transformational discovery.

Show Length: 90 minutes

More info at the CincyFringe website Here.

Background: As well as being an actress/writer Serenity Fisher is a singer/songwriter/piano player and has an album out which is available on itunes.  For More check out

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