CincyFringe Preview: A Short Lecture of a Different Time

Title: A Short Lecture of a Different Time

Opening: Friday, June 4, 2010 at 07:00 PM
Location: Media Bridges
Address: 1100 Race Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Producer: Karim Muasher from Astoria, NY

CincyFringe Status: Returning Participant

Genre: Solo

Description: Come and hear the story of the OLDVERSE: the universe before this one, long dead and gone. Two lovers meet, and soon discover the truth about their existence: their universe is dying, burning up into flames. Told by the Historian, a mysterious corduroy-clad stranger, this show asks the questions: How do you stop the unstoppable? How do you face the inevitable? A combination of nintendo graphics, gameboy music, and theoretical physics; acclaimed theatre creator Karim Muasher single handedly creates an 8-bit universe of wit and wonder.

Show Length: 50 minutes

More info at the CincyFringe website Here.


Backgroup: Karim Mausher wow Cincinnati Fringe fans in 2009 as part of Giant Bird's Empire of Feathers.  Karim's website,, details other projects he has worked on, including workshops, once of which he plans to bring to Cincinnati during the festival.

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