Navel-Gazing: Notes from Seeing the Whole Thing

So, one week into the festival, I have a series of personal notes. Read on–if you don’t mind navel-gazing.

  • In the past seven days, Griff and I have seen 22 shows.
  • I have not yet missed an afterparty. Perhaps not coincidentally, I am on water only tonight.
  • Moerlein’s Irish stout is really good. That said, Moerlein really needs an amber. Are you listening out there, Greg H.?
  • Pones, Inc., deserves a special award for the best karaoke (er, Fringe-e-oke) of the Festival. The dancing “girls”, the opportunity to dress up… perfect.
  • It’s almost scary how nice all the performers are. The after parties are complete feel-good events. That probably sounds very saccharine, but ask my friends–I’m really not that nice of a person, so there must be some truth to this.
  • Everything that I’ve seen this year has been good enough to recommend to someone. That doesn’t mean that I loved everything–just that I can recognize that every show is well done enough that it should be able to find its audience.
  • We saw 11 shows on Saturday and Sunday. And, yes, that’s pretty tiring.
  • We are still on target to see everything. The closest we came to going off schedule was on Saturday, due to a show going 20 minutes long, which we won’t name (cough, cough, Les and Dan, cough, cough). Thankfully, the show we had next had late seating. Coincidentally, the show we went to went over by 25 minutes, and that was before the audience participation dance. (Guess which one that was?)
  • If I had it to do over, I wouldn’t do anything different (other than take more time off from work).