CincyFringe Preview: A Brief History of Petty Crime

Title: A Brief History of Petty Crime

Opening: Wednesday, June 2, 2010 at 08:45 PM
Location: Media Bridges
Address: 1100 Race Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202

Producer: Jimmy Hogg from Toronto, Ontario

CincyFringe Status: New Participant

Genre: Solo

Description: Fringe veteran Jimmy Hogg arrives in Cincinnati to discuss his life of petty crime. Physical, fast-paced hilarious storytelling with a car crash and plenty of tangents. “Hold onto the arms of your seat: Hogg will take you spinning.” –Orlando Sentinel “His characterizations are spot on, and while the piece jumps from story to story-centering on a traumatic night out that ends with the threat of prison looming over the young narrator's head-Hogg juggles them like a trained master with three chainsaws and a flaming baton in the air.” -City Pages, Minneso ta. “Managing to fit so many entertaining characters, hilarious anecdotes, and witty pop-culture references into 60 minutes is a difficult test of endurance, a test Hogg passes with flying colours.” ***** (5 out of 5) Eye Magazine, Toronto. " Dickens would love this guy." –Orlando Sentinel. Best of Fringe- Victoria 2009, Toronto 2007, Minnesota 2007 & 2006, San Francisco 2006

Show Length: 60 minutes

More info at the CincyFringe website Here.


Background: More on the production can be found at  Also check out the following webvideos from Hogg:

CincyFringe Previews

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Unified Local Theater Awards?

Rick Pender, Theatre Editor/Critic at CityBeat, has written a blog post discussing the concept of a unified Theatre awards program. The two groups to be unified would be CityBeat's Theatre CEA's and the Enquirer supported Acclaim Awards.

Each of the two programs are very different and use very different philosophies. The CEA's are a more traditional awards program where the categories and rules are better defined and understood by all. The Acclaims are determined by a small group of "Acclaimers" who see the various shows during the season. The rules and categories seem to change with the tides.

I think the CEA's work great. They are fair, and except for the public voting popularity contest that plagues all of CityBeat's awards, it awards the most deserving shows and individuals.

The Acclaims don't work as fairly. It largely falls on the whims of a few people, often just one. The Acclaims add too much personal taste for a show and far too often overlooks great work because those seeing a show don't like the type of play they are seeing, ignoring or penalizing the actors or directors or stage crew for the choice of the producers to put on that particular play.

All of that being said, both are fun events. I myself like having two. I like the competition. I think the more awards the better. We have the Oscars (CEA's) and we have the Golden Globes (Acclaim), and I think that works. Both could use some refining, but I would want to keep both going.


Originally Published at Cincinnati Blog.

Carpet Diem

No, this is not test, this happens to be the best thing ever made by man or woman. By “best” please note that the term “available” can be interchanged when Fringe videos are in play. Yes, there is more, but something had to fall on the cutting room floor.