What do Boy George and hotel rooms have in common?

When Jason told me that Fringe would be a crazy time to move to Cincinnati, I only half-way believed him. Now that I'm here, I know exactly what he was talking about. I arrived in downtown Cincinatti at around 10:30 pm on Tuesday night. Yep, it was fringe time in the city. There was a huge kick off party happening in the Underground of The Know Theatre, and after I hastily unpacked my car, I got acquainted with the people who know and love the fringe in the biggest way.

I was a little intimidated because I knew that there would be a lot of work to do, but everyone was awesome and I can gladly say that the Fringe and everyone associated with it welcomed me with open arms. The Underground was jam packed with staff, artists and a Boy George impersonator. It was awesome to see so many people getting excited about unique theatre. I enjoyed some tasty beers, listened to some rockin' tunes and then headed back to my apartment to catch some z's.

Wednesday was equally nuts and I got the chance to check out some of the shows that were playing at The Know. First I saw The Hotel Plays: Three by Horovitz. It was a collection of short plays all set in different areas of the same hotel. This was performed by four people from the local "If" Theatre Collective. The quartet was funny, energetic and modern, but they didn't fail to sneak in some classic references. They also showed a broad range as they had to play a variety of characters.

Next I got to experience Odds and Ends Productions' Better/Worse. I say experience because this group used a variety of tools to reach the audience such as multimedia, film and dance. These girls were not afraid to interact or provoke audience participation. It was a great satire about the institution of marriage that wasn't as cynical as I expected it to be.

Now it's Thursday, I've been at work, and I can't wait to experience more fringyness tonight!