Pre-Fest Preparation

Here’s a short checklist of things that need to happen to prepare for the Cincy Fringe:

1. Thaw out prior year’s Fringe t-shirts and check for freezer burn.
2. Obtain directions to where we left (buried) the “special” volunteer who is keeping watch on the Fringe Flame needed to light the cauldron during the Fringe opening ceremony.
3. Get favorite pair of shorts cleaned, pressed, and let out a little. Baggy is in, but not if the belly is too jelly.
4. Grease up the pigs.
5. Procure a generous amount of Fabreze.
6. Make sure you have enough quarters or you know someone with an industrial washer/dryer.
7. Start figuring out who’ll be your Fringe “girlfriend” (or “boyfriend” depending on your tastes).
8. Get your drinking tolerance up to a respectable Fringe level.
9. Get time off work, so you don’t have to drive to Mason hung over.
10. Figure out how to appear younger than you are: breaking out the orange Fringe volunteer shirt isn’t going to do it.